À propos de nous

À propos de nous

Nous faisons les choses un peu différemment, et c'est la façon dont nous l'aimons!

 NINGBO CYCLE SPORTS EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is located in Cixi, a developed city of Zhejiang Province in China. Our factory is connected with Shenhai High express-way and 329 national road in the north of Hangzhou bay bridge. We have more than 5 years professional process experiences of Aluminium and Magnesium alloy.


Notre équipe

In 2019, we has established a long term cooperation partnership with Suzhou JNRS Innovative Materials Technology Co., Ltd, which is providing professional trade service in the international market. We deal with complete industrial production and supply chains of aluminum & magnesium alloy materials including procurement, product development, die design, magnesium die-casting, extrusion, surface treatment, product testing and manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on customer’s satisfaction as well as the highest quality standards of tailored items to meet our clients demanding needs. Our aim is providing excellent procurement solution of aluminum & magnesium alloy to our clients no matter where they are.