The hub of a bicycle can be so elastic.

        At present, the bicycle wheel hub in the market is roughly divided into one hub and spoke hub. 
        The spoke hub can be disassembled separately and repaired easily. But once serious deformation occurs, it needs to be replaced as a whole. Because for some novices who want to try to make spokes themselves, it’s likely to be a painstaking task.
         One-in-one hub is one-in-one forming, commonly divided into magnesium aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy hub. These two kinds of wheels have their own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the same grade of wheel magnesium alloy is more expensive, because magnesium alloy is lighter than aluminium alloy, making technology is more difficult! After all, the standard of making magnesium alloy wheels is to achieve the same strength and lighter weight at the same time. Otherwise, it is better to use aluminum wheels directly. 
         Generally speaking, integrated hubs can travel faster than spoke hubs on short distances, but they are slightly less shock absorbent than spoke hubs. In view of this situation, a new type of hub product, plastic steel wheel, which has not been imitated and surpassed, has appeared in China market. It is produced by glass fiber modified nylon. It has the advantages of rapid prototyping, low processing cost and high design freedom. It conforms to the development trend of energy saving, environmental protection and small-scale lightweight.
Compared with the general magnesium-aluminium alloy hub and spoke hub, the hub has stronger impact resistance, better elasticity and more portable.

Post time: Nov-26-2018